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Maple syrup supplies and equipment

H2O Innovation has been your project partner for more than 20 years. Our mission is to share with you our innovations and experience gained from our partners all over the world. As your resource for everything related to maple sap collection, sugar concentration, and maple syrup production, we’ve gathered the finest group of professionals and industry experts to help you Get Maple Done. 

Drawing on our expertise in membrane technology, we offer a complete line of cutting-edge reverse osmosis machines. Our patented High Brix technology allows for up to 40 Brix of sugar concentration. 

We’ve spent our time in the sugar woods, too, so we understand our clients’ needs. With our exclusive Check Valve spouts, our vast tubing fitting options, and our H2O-monitoring wood management system, your woods will not only look good, but they will also yield exceptional results. Plus, with a vacuum and extractor that are built in-house, we have all the tools you need to get loads of sap to the sugarhouse.   

Speaking of the sugarhouse, we’re driven by a desire to create high-performing evaporators, filter presses, and finishing equipment. We also have a huge line-up of sap storage and tank options for all sugarhouse layouts.  

At H2O, our products are built to meet the expectations of professional sugarmakers, but we continue to provide products and advice for all operations, no matter how small. Throughout North America, our technologies allow sugarmakers to optimize the performance of their processes and get reliable peace of mind.