About H2O Innovation

Maple is at the core of what we do

H2O Innovation offers a complete line of equipment dedicated to maple syrup production. The development of our products is supported by strong experience in the maple industry and backed by an important know-how in membrane filtration. Avant-garde by nature, we develop products and technologies specific to maple production that help you maximize your syrup production while reducing your energy consumption, regardless of the size of your installations.  

Now a part of the H2O Family, Leader Evaporator has been manufacturing quality maple equipment products in the United States for 134 years. We specialize in evaporators and sugarbush products: since 1888, maple has been at the core of what we do. 

Together, H2O and Leader are proud manufacturers of American-made and Canadian-made maple syrup equipment and supplies for sugarmakers all over the world. 

On top of high-performing equipment, we offer you unparalleled service. Our massive North American dealer network, the largest in the industry, is backed by an expert technical service team with combined resources across the maple world. We don’t take that lightly, as many members in our network are sugarmakers who have a deep-rooted connection to the maple industry. Our technical service team and network are fully available to ensure an optimal production without interruption.

Our commitment

  • High-quality, high-performance, guaranteed equipment

  • Optimized operations at minimal cost

  • Personalized service with our team of renown specialists

  • Fast technical and customer support

  • Premier Customer expérience 

With H2O Innovation’s maple products, you will harvest the full potential of your maple operation. 

Rock Gaulin
Vice President – Manufacturing & Maple